SOAK it in….

This cat Mark Kessler is a POLICE CHIEF. Also head of a civilian militia, whatever the f**k that means. Nothin like a wildy ignorant and small minded emotional white guy in the back woods with an assault rifle and an extra magazine can’t do to COMPLETELY prove WHY there should be a ban on assault […]

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Why Sports Matter

Jack Hoffman won an ESPY award tonight. Jack Hoffman is a brain cancer survivor, and as a kid from Nebraska has his priorities PERFECTLY in order. A RABID HUSKER FAN. Every spring college teams across the country finish their spring practices with a scrimmage against each other. Nebraska’s spring game yearly draws about 75-79 THOUSAND […]

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Pee Wee Herman

Herman’s snake has come thrashin once again. A 13 year extramarital affair with a single mother of two. Of course the word is “Never”. Herman, my man, the jig is up. And it seems to be up regularly. Evidently the only guy Herman hasn’t fucked is his wife. Don’t these cats realize HOW vetted they […]

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