Shane Powers


Humbled is probably the DEFINITION of understatement… I was jammin through 7-11 this evening, on the way home from my girl’s house, having tucked her away to bed. I was grumps because my kid has just started the career of his dreams and I’m clinically OBSESSED with hearing about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL, which is clearly […]

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Where We Are….

Monsters are officially MAINSTREAM. This isn’t some freaked out abused kid who hasn’t seen the sun in two years and had locked himself in his parent’s basement. This is walking among us. GET FAMOUS. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. This kid went out with a sense of “achievement”. It’s so beyond any kind of comprehension. It’s […]

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Meet Brad

Brad is my manager. I don’t really have anything for him to manage at the present time, but if anything cool happens, Brad will get all the credit. Brad told me I should do something “quirky” to “announce” my signing with him… Brad is expected to Instagram photos of himself “working hard” on my “career”. […]

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Fuck That

I’ll be gettin in this thing on the 9th of NEVER. I’m all for ingenuity. Keep thinkin big people. I get it, flying in a plane seemed crazy. I’m just not gonna be the first or even HUNDREDTH generation “traveler” in this steam trap of death. You even can sit FACING ¬†your homie while his […]

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