August 10, 2009

It's only fair….

I got ALL over Dan Hendersen, AKA “Hendo” for bein a complete bitch and disrespecting his “art” by tryin to kill a dude when he was asleep in front of him in the last UFC.

I’m real glad I watched the next one.

This monster Anderson Silva truly blew me away. His martial ARTISTRY was on full display as he literally toyed with this other dude Forrest Griffin. MMA proponents BEG the rest of us to really try and see the art form to combat, and because of this dude it was impossible not to. I had MAMAS texting me sayin what they saw was awesome.

And Silva proved to ANYONE watching, that I WAS RIGHT with my criticism of that other dipshit “Hendo” when after, he clowned this dude with a crushing JAB while he was moving backward, (incredible), that he respected the other man’s courage and didn’t get all over him and beat him senseless. He clearly gave the ref a half a second to assess the damage and the ref got in there and saved this poor dude unnecessary punishment.

I had 3 billion MMA fans bombard me with their favorite word “faggot” over and over for a week because of my Hendersen critique, and these dudes should just go to sleep. If they are truly honest with themselves they will recognize the difference between a pissed off barback (Hendersen), and a martial arts WARRIOR in Andersen Silva.

Silva, thank you for proving my point.

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