August 8, 2009

Attn: Private Schools

I have a ton of friends who now have kids entering Kindergarten this school year.
Having walked my kid to kindergarten 11 years ago, I fully enjoy watching their beautiful nervousness and it’s cute in the way that they wanna try and get everything right.
So OF COURSE, they are dashing to spend TENS OF THOUSANDS a year so their child can eat a graham cracker and learn how to share.

It’s shocking to me HOW MANIPULATIVE these private schools FEED of my friends fears about their childs development.

Boston may be the most caring and selfless kid I have ever met and he was a product of an amazing public school where browns, blacks, yellows, and any other color threw dodge balls at each other, fought over crayons, pulled each others hair, fell and scraped some knees, and learned to laugh and problem solve and gang up on each other and share and give and learn and count and all the perfectness that most private schools will NEVER provide.

Most of Boston’s friends who were in private school have REAL problems functioning when they get outside the “green” color zone and they try to relate to kids who don’t have the type of resources they come from.

There is a pitiful attempt by most private schools to “fill color quotas” that directly reflect society, yet this doesn’t fill the need for kids, ESPECIALLY young kids to relate to ALL types of socio-economic backgrounds.

Kids at an early age need to learn they don’t get EVERYTHING they want. That there is as much if not more fun usuing YOUR BRAIN to come up with things to do to have fun on their own.

The most fun I ever had, was when I was a poor, poor kid and we would use ANYTHING at our disposal. Trash can lids, broken water pipes, shingles, old tires, and come up with the looniest game that was so fun we’d run home past the street lights comin on not caring we were gonna get spanked. It was worth it.

For 15k a year, your child will be REPEATEDLY sheltered from the way 90 percent of the planet lives, and potentially make him or her an unbearable asshole or bitch to most the people around him or her.

You’re getting CHARGED for this.

Good Luck.

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