August 7, 2009

Attn: Officer Barrett

Forgive me Mr. Barrett if I fail to hold back judgement of you as a person after reading the email you wrote, and the words “banana eating jungle monkey” reeling from that email in defining Professor Gates.
Your suspension from the Boston police department seems too leniant for a man in your position.

I believe your job title as a cop is “to serve and protect”. The very idea that a man in your position of authority over all other citizens, AND the fact that you can carry a firearm legally is terrifying.

Personally I’d also like to grind an axe with whatever bum DEEMED YOU FIT to be a police officer. This person, or board, or panel ALSO deserves some heat.

A man this RACIST who got through whatever background checks to be commissioned is also a complete failure.

Professor Gates, sadly, through his studies, wasn’t entirely wrong about continuing issues of racism and cops that are hired to protect and serve ALL of us, regardless of color, sexual orientation, or creed.

This is a CITY OF BOSTON problem, and EVERYONE involved needs to look at their actions.

And this dude needs to be flushed…

Read this animals E-mail HERE.

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