July 29, 2009

Yo Kanye….

Is this how you wanna be livin my man?

Let’s give you a crash course in the value of your brand.

YOU are the brand. Who you are, your creativity, your style and passion.

And you just stood next to the single worst human being on Earth, and IMMEDIATELY gave him an ounce more credibility to the planet.

This dude, if it was in his best interest would spend weeks, if not months, tearing you down if it would benefit him.

And believe it when I tell you, This plankton knows what I’m saying, and probly spent the better part of 15 minutes figurin out a way to sidle up to you so he could be in the same pic as you.

You don’t see the Lord and Master, Jay-Z gettin himself up in this stupidity.

Those cameras you smash at airports that rape you of your privacy? THIS WORM is the secular leader of this movement.

And you just SUPPORTED it with this.

Wake up. You rule.

This is fucking embarrassing for you.

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