July 29, 2009


It’s every bit as brutal as your gut tells you. This hipster broad with a pocket full of those… adderall.
She’s just graduated from Sarah Lawrence, has nothing but a degree and 40 spiral notebooks filled with bad poetry and squiggly drawings to show for it. That and her addiction to pillcoke.
It’s a bad idea to even speak with this mama.
She’s got a good dialogue of stuff that seems interesting, because she’s been force to read a lot of cool stuff from writers who actually LIVED. She of course, now takes on the experience she has read and makes it her own, and the dots don’t connect, because it’s not authentic.
NO ONE under the age of 25 is THAT cool. It’s not their fault. It’s just impossible to be, cause they haven’t lived yet.
Shut your ears when they come with the obligatory “old soul” routine.
I’d tell you to try and just hit it off, but that aint gonna work either. Them pills tend make the pearl dryer than a maytag.


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