July 27, 2009

The very definition of GREY

I wanted to really give this a minute before I weighed in on it, because I do really believe that this scenario is exactly the type of situation that we have been waiting for in Poppa’s administration.
Not to blow my own horn but I predicted a while back on the blog that maybe Poppa’s biggest contribution to this country during his term(s) would be that real and OUT IN THE OPEN honest dialogue in this country could really now begin to be had, regarding the beauty of our color differences. JUST by him bein elected, his symbolism as a BLACK man being the our LEADER. Well, it’s now begun.
Professor Gates, and Sgt. Crowley both handled themselves wrong. But PROFESSOR, you were the racist in the flap. NOT the white guy.
And thank God.
Professor, you, with your amazing intellect, and broad and extensive knowledge of the horrid treatment of black Americans in this country, let that steer your behavior, and you immediately jumped to conclusions, based on the PAST, that Sgt. Crowley was givin you a hard time, simply because you were black.
You were wrong. And you exhibited racist behavior.
I don’t on any level, FAULT you professor for jumping to conclusions. It’s completely appropriate that you did. And I believe that your commitment to the education of black culture studies in America drove your behavior to act blindly and emotionally.

And you Sgt. Crowley ABSOLUTELY should have never put hand cuffs on this man. EVER. This man was not a danger. This man was pissed off because he was in his own house and you could have been a ton more disarming and apologetic to him. You got caught up with bein justified, and when professor Gates continued, you coulda just stepped away and asked him to take a couple of minutes. You coulda turned the situation over to another officer on site and taken yourself out of anymore argumentative dialogue.

And herein lies the GREY. The lesson and the healing and the absolute OPPORTUNITY to set an example for this entire country lays in the balance.

Poppa, you were a complete IDIOT for taking any sides. And like most shit this far, I believe that you see the opportunity to chart a course of action for other blacks and whites to feel safe to sit down with each other and ask questions and hear each others anger, and fear, and confusion about the other.

This situation has NO WAY to turn out anything but positive. Because BOTH of the men involved are GOOD MEN.

It’s exciting for me to watch this, because I really do think that this situation has the ability to be very effective to race relations. These aren’t knuckleheads. I truly believe that when they do sit down together and have a beer with Poppa, that the uncomfortability of the grey will become a tad less uncomfortable.

Excited, and thank you to you both in advance,


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