July 26, 2009

Thank you

I’d personally like to thank Melissa Ann Rice for pulling over in her car and blowing her own head off. Really.
This monster created an alter ego named Jonathan Jay.

“Jonathan” was a brain cancer survivor, or so Ms. Hill made up. Under the fake person, she petitioned cancer foundations across the globe asking for money. The ruse was so complex that Jonathan had a blog, GO HERE and a twitter account as Jonathan.
This sicko somehow even managed to dupe the Livestrong foundation into writing her a cheque.

Again, I’d like to thank Ms. Hill for taking it upon herself to do the right thing and eliminate herself from existence.

I may have found the ONE instance in which I support complete and utter cowards and their selfishness.

I’m still tryin to wrap my head around all the ways this woman was fuckin beyond dark.

Good Riddance, and say hi to Satan for me. You have a reservation in the VIP section at Club Heat.

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