July 24, 2009

The Point….

Joe Craig is my best friend. I was honored to be asked to be the godfather of Madison, his first born daughter.
They frequently shine a blazing white hot spotlight on the “Point”.

Madison swims for the Elmwood Park swim team in Omaha, and from what I have been told, she’s a beast. Truly gifted, and long, and evidently double jointed which from what I’m told is helpful to competitive swimming.

Now the point.

Mayor Jim Suttle of Omaha decided to cut funding, and the pools will be closing early this year and effectively displacing thousands of kids throughout the Omaha area that utilize the pools to stay busy and safe.

Maddie and Joe helped in organizing a rally on the steps of City Hall today, and instead of TALKING about what they were gonna do, they set an example for ME through their ACTIONS, by DOING something.

Joe, this is why you are my best friend.

Sure it’s a goofy pool closing in a small town in middle America to 99.9 percent of the world.

To them, it’s a fiercely important injustice and they quite honestly just weren’t gonna stand for it.

And Joey through his parenting, taught his daughter today, that it’s important to take action and stand up against things that she feels aren’t right.


I’m so very proud of you Madison Craig. You have taught me something beautiful today, and hopefully by me tryin to articulate it correctly, the point, I will affect people that read my blog to take a minute and think. And maybe they tell some friemds about this cool thing they read about today, or maybe someone tweets this story out, and someone sittin in their living room half way across the world gets inspired to go ask their child how there day was to connect maybe in a way they had forgotten to.

Madison Craig changed the world today maybe.

I love you, and I’m proud of you.

Tears, seriously….. FACT

Your brimming with pride Godfather.

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