July 24, 2009

Attn: Cheebo

You can suck my cock.
And lemme tell you why.

I called last night at 10:44, and was super excited to order a sandwich that I fell in love with last week. I mean this sandwich is fuckin beyond amazing. I literally could not BELIEVE how good it was.
I had dodged this joint for a long time because an x-mama worked there, and I didn’t much feel like peepin her while I snacked, so it just never fell in my radar.

But I had been there recently, and was blown away by this fuckin chicken salad JAGULARNESS. I’m a weird old man and love routine, and I was all set to eat this thing 4 days a week minimum.


This awful cunt who picked up the phone at 10:44 told me they were closed. I asked if they closed EVERY night at 10:44. Feeling my sarcasm she said they close at 11 usually, but they were slow and then hung up.

Hey Fuckhead owner of Cheebo, will you do me a favor and change your business hours to 10:44 pm please. Because that’s what your employee, the person YOU HIRE decided it was last night.

And last night was when I called, and got treated like an asshole. And now the four times a week I wanted to get your sandwich is a memory.

At roughly 12 bucks, that’s 48 dollars a week you lost.

Roughly 200 dollars a month.

ROUGHLY you just lost 2500 dollars for the year.

Sure not much, but 2500.00 of my hard earned dollars, you will never ever see. Plus my fat, passionate, emotional mouth talkin shit about your joint anytime it comes up. And me tweeting three times a week for the next year that you suck, AND me blogging from time to time about how you don’t run a good operation.

All so this mama shithead could get a 16 minute head start on moppin the floor, so she could get home to study sides for an acting gig she’ll not get, so she can be pissed at life and be a cunt when she answers your phone, and costs you 2500.00 a year.

But FUCK you make a good sandwich. FACT.

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