July 22, 2009

Past Blast

YouTube Preview ImageThe good and the bad of the weekend in a nutshell.
This here was the group of mamas that ran the school. And none of them coulda given a rats ass about me. To a mama, they all thought I was strange and way too “out there”.
They were right.

All straight up good mamas. With good lives, and good men, and pretty kids.

And very different lives than me.

It was amazing to be around all of them, and still garner up a weird feelin of “why don’t you wanna make out with me”. Life truly is amazing. A non-stop roller coaster of re-feeling.

And then the bad….

“Lemme get a pic with “Survivor Guy”.

Especially in the midwest, I get this. And it makes me so very happy that I went and crawled in a hole for a year after that show.

People, especially midwestern people that have the tv piped directly into their brain treat you different. It’s just what it is.

There’s a huge part of me that didn’t like that, but also enjoyed the attention. A strange paradox. It’s bad for anyone’s soul.

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