July 22, 2009

Black and White

This was the reason I went home. Or at least this moment is what resonates most.
I apologize for the shitty pic but I’m an idiot.

Keisha Walls.

Keisha and I literally in some weird twist, were assigned to the same class from K thru 6th grade.


And then again in high school.

Keisha was the hottest mama at my reunion to me, and in high school I just never ever looked at her that way, because she was black.

It’s 20 years later, and it is so fascinating to me that she has become a sexual being to me NOW.

Why wasn’t she then?! It’s so wild to me that my surroundings or social sphere could affect the way I am attracted to someone but I think it was.

I feel so grateful that I was raised in a time where I have ACTUAL life experience in the race barrier lowering.

I’m having a hard time articulating my point, because I want to be as forthright and authentic as possible.

I just didn’t look at black girls back then as possible make outs or sexually. It was still frowned on and blacks and whites were still seperating themselves. It was fascinating to watch the reunion the other night, because everyone sat with who they hung out with the most in high school obviously, and there was one table where the “black kids” were and the rest were ‘white’ tables. It was the coolest moment for me to see it and to feel uncomfortable about it. IT SEEMED OUT OF PLACE in TODAYS day and age.

This made me feel really cool about the progress. The fact that it was recognizable to me as weird.

Keisha Walls, you were by far the most beautiful girl in that building Saturday night. FACT.

And I feel really stupid for not seein that 20 years ago.

And in the same breath, I’m glad we as a society have become more mixed up and jumbled around.

Life and learning is everywhere.

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