July 22, 2009

Attn: Jim Demint

You sir, are a fuckin TURD.

The idea that you called healthcare reform “Obama’s Waterloo” and that it would break him, means to me that you have not an ounce of concern for the people that represent you.
You are a professional politician, who is tinkering and fucking with the a major issue for the safety and betterment of the American people, and you aren’t supporting it because you wanna USE the issue to cripple another politician.

That makes you a fuckin asshole.

It makes you a self-serving punk.

You and the Governor of South Carolina need to vamoose.

Sanford tells the people of South Carolina he’s hking the Appalachian Trail, and boogies off to a FOREIGN country to get some ass, and YOU now, have shown your hand, and are abusing your office so you can sit around at dinner parties with you post pagent wife and act important.

Fuck off clown.

EXACTLY WHO is voting in South Carolina anyway??!! Residents of this state may wanna try this thing called reading.

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