July 18, 2009

Voicemail I'd do anything to hear.

“Hey Katie!!!, It’s Hailey!!! Hi, just wanted to call and say if you need any help with the kids, I aint avail this month. I’m giving Jon his first series of suck downs in 15 years!!”
“I’m totally into chicks and pointing guns at my bi-curious friends too. So if you need any babysitting so you can go glumly sit at a cooffee bean with your bad posh hair and pout so you can try and market the ‘poor victimized, abandoned housewife’ card lemme know”!!!!!
“Also, dad said if you need any more “work” done on your thighs it’s totally free. I hooked it up. It’s the least I can do. MMMkay, gotta go, Jonny is installing the stripper pole and Old Milwaukee tap”!!


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