July 18, 2009

Marketing 101

Every 5-7 years there always comes the “new and improved” wellness fruit.

I give you the goji berry.

I can’t leave my fuckin house now without bein LAMBASTED by a dizzyin array of Goji options.

Goji juice, wellness pills, shakes, skincare products, jerk off lube, and the list goes on and on.

It was Pomegranate in the last cycle of the “miracle berry”.

But it’s the same reasoning, and it usually always uses the word antioxident in its advertising verbage.

What the fuck is an antioxidant? And why am I gonna get 11 types of cancer if i don’t get my daily requirement of it?

I had a guzzle of some of this shit recently, and it aint bad.

But do I really need Juan at the car wash to offer me up the “new and improved” GOJI air freshener?

I hope some kid is makin good loot, cause it’s on.

Pomegranate and Kiwi take a fuckin hike.



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