July 17, 2009

Hey Poppa…..

I don’t know what you got planned with this Afghan war you seem to be escalatin us into but lemme just say that this doesn’t seem like anywhere NEAR a fucking good idea.
You ran Poppa, on a “get the troops home” platform, and it seems as if the foreign policy you are movin forward with is more along the lines of let’s “get the troops outta Iraq, so we can shove them into the most geographiaclly treacherous and impossible place ever for an outsider to win a war” platform.
It’s always a good thing to peep into the past, and Russia launched a FULL ON INVASION of this country when it was maybe the single BIGGEST military machine ever, and they got fuckin CLOWNED, OWNED, and embarrassed.
None of this feels good at ALL. We got soldiers that have been rollin now for a the better part of a decade all over the world, with no real downtime. No opportunities to recharge their emotional batteries by gettin home for a minute so they can hold the REASONS why they fight.
This is shaping up to be a VERY BAD DECISION.

Iraq was at least “winnable” on some level. No way to exit, but winnable.

These Afghan natives are like rabid starving dogs. They don’t know the meaning of the word give up.

We need more transparency and more dialogue from you Poppa.

This could end up bein “Revenge of the War on Terror 2”.



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