July 16, 2009

Attn: "goofy writer guy"

You are fuckin BRUTAL.
Usually found roaming in packs of four, on studio lots EVERYWHERE now, these dudes are like the LAST generation of shitty goofy writer guys.

The uniform is always kinda the same, but with different variations.
This crop has the goatee, old man shirt, jeans, and chuck taylors on. MOST will do anything to wear glasses as well. ANYTHING.

They hate everything. They think NOTHING is funny, except what the other three in the pack and they, themselves are writing.

They seem to “tolerate” the rest of humanity, and look down upon the rest of us humans with a bitter but somewhat sweet patronizing scoff.

THEY HATE SUCCESS. They hate money, yet like their BMW a lot.

They all are COLLABERATING on a project so that NONE of them have to take responsibility for being completely UNFUCKINGFUNNY.

They mumble about Jonah Hill and “somethin in the works” at Happy Madison that is the first “non-commercial” venture “Adam” has committed to in years.

They are everywhere here. Hating the fact that they have to breathe the same air as us.

Yo goofy writer guy, go the fuck back to Canada, or Boston or Chicago.

I’m done with these fuckin “Seth Rogan wardrobe thieves”.

This post is actually funny.



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