July 14, 2009

Following up…..

After bein BOMBARDED by fans of Mixed Martial Arts yesterday when my blog post about this dude got circulated on some websites, I have some questions….

If you missed it, last saturday night, this dude fought skillfully, and knocked a dude unconscious that he genuinely didn’t like.

Evidently the other guy was British, and had done some shit talkin about America. So for me, it was fun that he got knocked out. And then…..

As the guy was completely asleep on his back, this guy who coulda chosen a DOZEN other ways to end the fight, chose to bring down a monumental hammer fist on the guys face.

I believe this Henderson tool likes to THINK that he has respect for other warriors, that he is aware of the intense connection that only these dudes can share because they have the courage to mix it up in this way, but his actions show different.

His ACTIONS of tryin to PERMANENTLY damage another human being when he is unable to on ANY level defend himself, renders him nothing more than a bully. A guy completely not in touch with any of the artisan principles that this league is NOW screaming for us to focus on.

I have spent the last five months becoming more and more in touch with fighting styles, and had come to really start to recognize the true skill of MANY different fighting artforms, and I get a stark reminder that this sport has a long way to go to clear complete KNUCKLEHEADS like this out.

That MACHIDA dude seems so beautiful, and real. And does seem like the future of this sport.

I’m hopeful that the bad “Affliction Vomit Shirt” crews that seem to be running amok in this sport will be weeded out in true MMA form, when men become more skillfull, than they are pissed off bullies.

On a much funnier note, I gotta pick a fight with this GUY?!!


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