July 14, 2009

Atten: American Apparel

No one gets their marketing done better than you guys.
I get a hard on everytime I walk into a store. FACT.

It’s the whole deal. That “amateur” soft-core look, with suggestive early 20-somethings hangin all over your walls makes me fuckin nuts.
I’ve a couple of times almost had to leave the store because it was just all too much. I kinda felt like, well, a dirty old man. Like a broken moth flickerin around a taboo flame. And a bevy of naughty young girls, just young enough to make me feel kinda bad about muself, while they have just enough “age” on them so that it’s completely OK for me to wanna tear their leggins and unitards off.

Jagular V-neck tshirts for papas 11.99 a piece.

Boner… gratis.

Thank you so much.


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