July 13, 2009

Finally, fuck….

In true HBO fashion, teh new Entourage season starts RIGHT when I forgot about it. I don’t know why this network schedules shit the way they do, seemingly doing everything they can to torpedo their jagular tv shows, but whatevs.
I want everyone to hear this. When this show was announced five or six years ago, I waited to watch and utterly shred it to fuckin bits.
I have roughly a THOUSAND years of experience of watching real life entourages, specifically in this vein of young, goin out club monstering, model slaying silliness. I couldn’t wait to list all the reasons why this show sucked fuckin cock.

And I gotta tell ya, they did a pretty great job of gettin it real close to right.

You could literally hire me as a technical advisor on this show tommorra for the “scene stuff” that’s how ingrained I have been in this culture, and they don’t miss too bad. It’s been pretty impressive to watch.

The show for me, has ended up bein a decently interesting journey.

People immediately respond to Piven and his hyper clever agent guy SCHTICK, and there are times for me I laugh out loud. But the show would never have made it this long without the centering it receives from Kevin Connolly. Without him, and HIS story arc, it coulda devolved into comedy bits from Piven and who I think is the real comedy relief, Kevin Dillon. Instead, it’s five years later and I really want to know what happens to these characters.

The show is fun. FACT.

And the show also has heart at this point. FACT.

Starts tonight at 9 or 930 or 10 or 1030… At this point, who fuckin knows. It’s HBO. They are tireless assholes when it comes to this part.

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