July 11, 2009

The big question mark…..

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte.

In the most pressing question I have this summer. Where does this dude go in fantasy drafts this year?

Some people have this cat the NUMBER TWO overall pick!!!!

Having had an awesome rookie season, he was a JAGULAR surprise for dipshits that took him way too early in some drafts.

Having been in a keeper fantasy league for 16 years, and a “re-draft” league for 10, this dude here, really is perplexing to me.

The first knock on him is his skintone. lolololol.

(this would be the funny, un-pc, not serious part of the post.)

Most of the sickos in my keeper league stayed away from him because he didn’t have the dark look we like. He seemed malatto, and NO ONE wastes a pick at running back when there’s a chance of ANY WHITE BLOOD in him at all.

I veered away and took Chris Johnson in my keeper. The “proto-type”, with 4.2 speed.

But alas, Forte fuckin crushed last year. And with the addition of Jay Cutler at quarterback, Forte could be poised to have a 2,000 yd season.

Yes, this post is gratuitous for Fantasy Football maniacs. They will get it. Everyone else, just wait for an upskirt of Lady Ga-ga, as gross as that sounds.

There is NOTHING better than fantasy football.

Forte will have a big year… I just don’t know how big.

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