July 11, 2009

Attn: Ambulance chaser

Hello Al Sharpton. I’m Shane.
You are a fuckin bummer.

In what may have been a career started in the idea of service, the further and further you get from your idealistic youth, you become more and more ambitious. Which is fine. Unless of course you are using the principles of the ministry, or spirituality as your precipous for having a relevant opinion about something.

Ambition and spirituality DON’T mix. They just don’t.

You use these two terms together to form the job title of ACTIVIST. Which, again, is disingenuous.

Activism, in the way that I define it, is centered in serving the whole, or the cause in which you believe in.

But more and more, your “activism” in something, seems to be predicated in how much media coverage is involved in any one issue.

It’s a drag. And it makes your voice less pertinent. And turns you into a cartoon character.

You have done much good. FACT. But as you have watched other African-Americans knock you down in the “pecking order” of MOST VALUABLE CIVIL RIGHTS LEADERS, you seem to be hungrier and more focussed on “where you rank” instead of “what you can do to help”.

You are dangerously close to the eye-roll and switching of the tv news channel territory that is held for special mediawhores like that fuckin beast Gloria Alred.

Take a breath….


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