July 9, 2009

Attn: John Duesler

Ahhhhh. John. I thought I was gonna make it through the day not pissed off. Thanks for clearing that up.

The white, tiny brained, ignorant, racist scumbag on the left is John Duesler. He runs a private swimming club that a day care center in the area rented out recently for a swim day once a week.

The kids above heard comments from club members asking why their were African-American kids at the pool.

The club then returned the check to the day care center and this fuckin piece of trash wrote this in the letter with the cheque…

“a lot of kids might change the “complexion” and atmosphere of the club”.

I’m paraphrasing here but the intent seems to be clear. “We don’t do black people”.

Mr. Douchebag, it’s time for you to crawl back under the Neolithic rock you preside under.

Dudes, like you there is no hope for. At all.

Racism is a learned disease of ignorance and fear. The deep South has had many generations of this type of ignorance, and as our beautiful BLACK Poppa LEADS ALL OF US, even the most racist pockets of that portion of the country seem to be more aware than you.

You live right outside of PHILADELPHIA. You have had a LOT MORE societal integration of colors in your life. You REALLY have no fuckin excuse.

I pray for your children. They are gonna need it.

I see those babies in that pic, and the idea that you or your club could make them uncomfortable in any way, purely based on their skintone, roots in the most volatile part of me.

God, It’s Shane. It’s just NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE that people like this dude exist.

I mean that.

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