July 8, 2009

Attn: Debbie Rowe

Listen you fuckin whore, you have given up ALL rights to your childern TWICE.
You signed documents, made public statements, recorded interviews, where you have categorically admitted you have had NOTHING to do with their parenting, that you wanted NOTHING to do with it, that the kids were some kind of a “gift” to Michael, and that you don’t even see them.

So as you hire lawyers and take a stab at getting some more money, by pretending that NOW you want them, just know that it makes you just a bit above Jeffrey Dahmer in the evolution chart.

You have been paid TWICE. I can understand meekly the first time.

Really you awful fuckin beast?

The Jackson family will settle again, and give her more money, and she knows it, which is WHY she is asking for custody.

I hope a thousand pound safe falls out of the sky and lands on your head, like the fuckin CARTOON you are.

You are an awful fuckin human.


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