July 6, 2009

Why is it ALWAYS complicated??!!

It’s just never easy.

These are stem-cells. They are takin from embryos. In some belief circles, embryos are human beings, and thus the use of stem cells for scientific research is a bad thing.

That’s the basic deal anyway.

Stem cells are amazing because they can morph or become what you want them to. The cell doesn’t know what it is yet, and it will, evidently, become what a scientist can manipulate it to become.

I’m obviously in over my head with the verbage and completely understanding the process. BUT I DO KNOW THIS…..

There’s a 16 yr old kid somewhere, who was paralysed in an accident, and it’s been proven that stem cells, with enough study, could be used to REGROW spinal tissue, allowing this kid to maybe walk.

Republicans, because of their ties to the Christian right voting bloc, have accepted the stance that they are against stem-cell research, which is the silliest thing fuckin ever.

STEM Cells and the process in which they are harvested, is not an ANTI-LIFE process.

This issue and many other moral issues like this are the main reason why seperation of church and state need to exist.

Our government should be committed to the advancement and the betterment of human kind, and we should fund and support science, especially when it’s a certainty that major breakthroughs are close to happening.

Because YOU BELIEVE MORALLY that it’s wrong, shouldn’t affect me. It’s the whole freedom of religion thing. And your religious beliefs shouldn’t dicate the way government spends money to benefit the planet.


I’m happy you have a way of seeking God. Please, again, for the trillionth FUCKING TIME, don’t impress your value set on me.

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