July 6, 2009

RIP Steve Mcnair

YouTube Preview Image Steve Mcnair was killed over the weekend. We could have a lengthy discussion about how he got himself in a real bad spot, but I’d rather talk today about how he inspired my kid.
Mcnair was one of the toughest dudes in the league during his time as an NFL quarterback. Built like a linebacker, he brought a sense of smash mouth to a position usually played by the sissies in football.
On any football team the quarterback usually get ridden by the rest of the team because he doesn’t usually get hit, nor really wants to. THIS was not the case with Mcnair.
He woulda rolled himself out on to the field in a wheelchair if he had to of.
Boston emulated two people when he played quarterback. Brett Favre, for his creativity, and both favre, and Mcnair for their toughness.
Being the only white kid on a football team made up of tough inner city gang risk youth, they would give him shot after shot, in attempt to “prove” to him he didn’t belong playin with them.
It was Bosotn’s emulation of Mcnair and Favre and getting up, and playin through tweaked ankles, a concussion, and other hurties, that made him the leader of his squad.
And if you ask him today, he would tell you it was Favre and Mcnair he tried to be most like on the football field.

It’s this EXAMPLE that Mcnair set that I celebrate today.

And I will forever be grateful to “Air Mcnair”.

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