July 4, 2009

DON'T take the bait POPPA….

Time for me to play foreign relations expert.
I’m sure Poppa knows this, but Iranian Pseudo-Prez Imsortabad is calling for a sit down with Poppa.
Usually these cats want a closed door one-on-one, which is NEVER happening, but Imsortabad will take any sitdown he can get right now.

He has asked for one at the U.N. in front of the press, ONLY BECAUSE if he gets a sitdown with Poppa, he can turn to his people and say “see fuckers, Obama recognizes me as the President, now quit protesting the results of this election”.

Poppa, it’s Shane.

Don’t fuckin do this. These kids that are protesting for change in Iran will singlehandedly be shut down if you accept this bullshit meeting.

We need to stay out of this entirely and allow revolution to happen. On this day, the day we celebrate our own revolution, please pick up one of them red phones you got, and tell this dude to shove it up his ass.

I know you will do the right thing.

You will be sealing these Iranian kids fate, and you will set back this movement by decades there, if you choose to sit with this clown.


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