July 4, 2009

Dear America….

This is why I love my country.
I’ve been a bit silly, as usual, with the American pride shit.
But on the real…..
I grew up in the Midwest. Where people stopped on the street when I was 3, and took the time to say hi to a WAY too busy child.
Where a single mama could raise two kids. Where money didn’t matter. Where the simple joys really were the definition of joy.
I didn’t grow up worryin about clothes, and cars, and “who” people were.
I grew up with a pack of other rugrats who got in trouble, who mowed the lawn, who raced home to beat the streetlights comin on, because I wanted to play one more pick up game.
People typically didn’t hurt kids. We left our door unlocked. We were poor, and I never knew it.
I was taught that if I worked hard, I could do anything.
Men had blue-collar jobs, worked long hours, drank harder. Loved their wives. Stayed with them a long long time. They fought about money. They always seemed to have dinner on the table. Football ruled all. It was what we looked forward to.

And the thing I remember most….. the MOST….

Is that EVERY single parent I knew, just wanted their kids to have a better life than they did. That was the goal above everything else…. EVERYTHING.

It’s what drives me too.

I still to this day, because of my upbring, don’t need a lot. I just need enough.

It’s the conversations, the friends, the daily moments, that mean the most, when I’m at my most clear.

I really am the embodiment, personally, of all that America has to offer.

My only job is to give that to my kid. So he can have, well, a BETTER life than me.

This is what America means to me.

I hope everyone has a safe weekend.


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