July 4, 2009

Attn: The British

364 days a year you can lie to yourselves, turn your noses up at us, act as if you are far more evolved and cultured, and hold yourselves with an overall feeling of you are far better than us. BUT TODAY…

There’s no way around reality.

Tired of the “King’s” basic indentured servatude of us, we finally looked up at one and another, and said, “fuck you, now come do somethin about it”.

You scoffed, brought the MOST POWERFUL ARMY IN THE WORLD, and we whooped your fuckin asses. FUCKIN FACE!

Over the course of the last 200 plus years, we have become the fucking SUPERPOWER, and you, for eternity, will be a pawn, in whatever we really need. FACT.

Just look at Tony Blair. He shamelessly sucked George Bush’s dick, because he had NO CHOICE with the Iraq war.

We have turned you into our fucking bitches. And I love this.

In every single important category of advancement we fucking own you.

You lean on having older buildings, and a richer history of the arts and culture. All good.

We could take you over, and turn you into New Hampshire East at any time.

Suck on that.

Yeah, I’m talkin shit. It’s our day. You tried to shut us down, and we served you up the biggest upset in the history of UPSETS.

We are the UNDERDOG.

Russel Brand isn’t funny.


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