July 3, 2009

The "Palin" Issue….

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This woman and his journey is truly one of the great political stories, maybe ever.
Climbin outta the Alaskan thicket just a little under a year ago, Sarah Palin has found a way to dumbfound, interest, annoy, and be the butt of a billion jokes, around a trillion American coffee tables.
Literally born from one of the craziest political gaffes ever by an ACTUAL politician, John Mccain, she has AMAZINGLY, on some level, not only been able to fortify herself as one of the faces of the Republican party.
Now I don’t wanna get to “wonky”, because I’d rather not show that I read a lot, but Palin IS the candidate of choice for the sect of the Republican party that has honestly gotten the last three republican presidents elected. That goofy fringe we call the Christian right.
This brings to my brain two things. one, that the Christian right really does vote emotionally, and with only a couple clear directives. They worry about Pro-Life, and want more of the idea of GOD intertwined with government.
Whoever the fuck came up with “seperation of church and state” to this day, needs to be remembered as the single MOST important person in the birth of our tiny country.
Palin isn’t qualified to lead any more than my aunt, which is where it gets FASCINATING for me.
When I watch her, I literally see the girl above. A harmless, wide-eyed, uber ambitious girl, who has found herself in a position I’m sure SHE CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE.
This is a woman who literally tried to say she had foreign policy experience because her state was geographically close to Russia. I shit you not.
When I watch her, I am convinced she really believes shes qualified to be the President of the country. It’s a MASSIVE self-delusion and THAT is the part that I get so interested in.
It’s hard to articulate, but she FEELS like the closest version of an US Weekly politician we have. And it’s shocking AND telling to me that her VIABILITY has relevance and traction in todays America.

It’s a HORRIBLE indicator of where we are at as a free society.

You can actually mirror her in the past with Dan Quayle. They were the same person. Attractive, a pawn to shore up a piece of the voting base, and both completey and UTTERLY NOT QUALIFIED.

This woman isn’t a bad woman, and yes I have had my own PALIN uber milf fuckbeast fantasy, WHICH should not go unturned here. Her SEXUALITY has a bunch to do with her popularity.

It’s a wacky time in America. I offer up Sarah Palin’s relevance as the example for that.

Now back to, “Palin walks in, rips dress shirt open, and drops to knees with glasses still on, and her growling and talking to my cock”.

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