July 2, 2009


I had to comment. I’m just gonna say it. This woman can suck some cock.

I remember seein her video when it came out, and thinkin as much but then just kinda forgot.
I recently “stumbled” across it the other day, and I gotta say her fuckin skillset in cocksucking is all-world.

I hypothetically, may have had a few girls give me head in the course of my life. As ridiculous as that may sound.

And this mama has all the standard “moves” one must have in order to give a really skillful blow.

It helps this guy has a cock two yards long too. But her double-barrel twisty-spitty stroke is LEGIT.

Mamas if you watch this, and you can go to and search kim kardashian, the major thing is that you don’t need to be a deepthroat queen in order to give beautiful head. It’s her passion to the game.

Watch it, test it, live it, become it.

She should be exhaulted for saving marriages everywhere.

Kim K.

You are jagular.

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