July 2, 2009

We reap what we sew…

The state of California went into fiscal emergency today and it shouldn’t be any big fuckin surprise.
Of course the Terminator should not take all the blame, and yes we have massive shortfalls because of softer tax revenues, but he is the guy in charge, and under his watch, the state will writing I.O.U.’s to people!

Just a quick question…. If I’m working for the state, and start get I.O.U.’s am I allowed to hand those to my landlord when it’s time to pay my fucking rent?!

California is the fifth biggest economy ON EARTH. And it’s busted. Flat broke. Unable to pay it’s bills.

And as unpopular as this is, a MAJOR reason, other than lawmaker inefficiency is the OUT OF HAND problem of illegal immigration.

We need, as a state, a politician that is strong enough to stand up and explain facts. We can’t afford to pay for our own citizens anymore. Whicj means it’s fucking TIME to play HARDBALL with illegals.


Schools, healthcare for the poor, and THOUSANDS of other services are vanishing as we speak in California.

Somebody needs to step up and fucking LEAD.

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