July 2, 2009


Why on EARTH is the city signing off on ANY kind of memorial service for a guy who may have touched children in a deviant sexual way??!
These are MY FUCKIN TAX DOLLARS that are in BIG NEED. The state is bankrupt, summer school sessions are closing down, people that are in need of state funded healthcare are gettin rolled off the books, and I gotta watch us drop maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars on police, parking enforcement, crwod control, and whatever else it’s gonna take for a city to gather 16 thousand people in one place.
I don’t fuckin agree with it.

This family needs to settle the fuck down, and privately mourn their family in a way that is respectful.

There can be a FISCALLY responsible way for them to honor Mikey in a way that his fans can enjoy.

I shouldn’t be FORCED to have to support a person who I think hurt children.


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