July 2, 2009

Attn: My Flock

Hi. I’m God. And I have a few words about people who come to me ONLY when it’s beneficial for them. It fuckin PISSES me off.
Following me is NOT like following someone on Twitter. Following me shouldn’t be used to market yourselves. Following me isn’t about deciding what is my will and the “devils will”.
Following me is a PARTNERSHIP, where I’m always here kicking it, down for you and your journey on Earth, and you as HUMAN faulty beings, try hard to find your way by trial and error.
When you blame your fuckin ridiculous behavior on the “devil” steppin in for a minute, you haven’t learned shit about me.
Life isn’t about bein perfect. Life is about learning from your mistakes, your selfish behavior, and TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your dumb-fuck DECISIONS, so that you aren’t a victime. So that you can build CHARACTER. So that you can associate yourself with HUMILITY. So that you can become ok with just bein OK.
I don’t like you any MORE if you are famous. I actually tend to KNOW that the idea of wanting to be famous shows that you are in a very big need for outside validation that isn’t real, bcause for whatever reason your parents fucked up and didn’t make you feel safe.
I’m God. I dig you regardless.

Please quit using my name as a TOOL. It makes me FUCKIN ANGRY. And you know what happens when I get angry.

I do shit you guys can’t handle.

PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK up, and try some ANONYMOUS, just for YOURSELF, because you wanna better yourself work.

You are makin me look bad.

Love Always, in whatever way you are searchin,


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