June 30, 2009

Is it me?

Or does it just seem COMPLETELY fucking INSANE to hand these kids over to this guy?!
We don’t NEED to judge by looks, because we have an entire 50 year HISTORY of him bein a slave driving emoitonally empty MANIAC with his “biggest product” don’t we?

But all that factual evidence aside, he just LOOKS like a bitter, mean, grumpy fucker.

He waited all of three days to use his son’s death to start to hype his new “record label” whatever the fuck that means.

Of course this gets even sillier, as Mikey was so gone, that he didn’t have a proper will and testament to correctly adminster the rights to his assets which some people argue is worth a billion dollars because of his music rights ownership.

Get ready for the ugly… for real….

Money, and ambition are at hand… Debbie Rowe, the “mom” is showin up next.

Please God, look after these kids.

They are about to becaome the craziest pawns in one of the most brutal games of “people chess” ever.

Ugly… sigh.

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