June 30, 2009

In developing news….

It’s become more and more clear that the last thing on Gov. Sanford’s mind was actually bein the Governor of South Carolina.
He has reportedly seen his Argeentine Mama for YEARS and has carried on with her with multiple visits over the course of this whole time.
South Carolina has more than likely PAID THE BILL for much of this.

Sanford made a comment this week about why he shouldn’t step down as Governor. Gather pitchforks now…..

“It’s better for me to keep my governorship to learn lessons”.

Well sir, as a publicly elected official you are held in a higher regard. Your conduct. That’s part of the job. To set an example for the citizens that elected you. Through your spiritually bankrupt personal behavior it is WAY PAST TIME for you to leave.

I like Latin porn. I like runnin my mouth. I like bein weird. If YOU like all this it’s comepletely ok too, IF you don’t wanna hold public office.

Please just fuckin get out of office. You are embarrassing yourself further, and you owe it to your wife and kids to let the political aspirations part of your life go.

Based on who you have espoused to be, it’s laughable that you are hangin on to your post.

Cmon, man. Time to let go.

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