June 29, 2009


A word about ol Joe.
Now I’m talkin so far out the side of my own neck here, but I did watch Michael Jackson and all that he is, unfold literally over the course of my life. I was born in 1970, and his whole career basically spanned my life.

Is it me, or does this Joe cat seem like the very nexus for MOST of Mikey’s fuckin pain?

I believe it was Joe and his failure as a musician himself that heightened his ambitions through his kids. He had Mikey grindin since age fuckin 5 and he seemingly slave drove all of them.

I know Mikey was born to perform, but I do know 8 year olds, and sometimes I believe they just wanna be 8 years old. They don’t wanna be fronting their own band, that the ENTIRE family is focussed on, keenly obsessed with, because they see the talent, and know that there is some real money to be made.

Mikey never got to be a kid because this fucker, as his father, never protected his RIGHT to be one.

It’s apparent through Mikey’s decline into literally an alternate UNIVERSE he created for himself with the Neverland deal, the monkey, the only wanting to deal with kids, the slide into diluted and off kilter principles.

It would certainly make sense that Mikey looked at all adults as “oppressive and mean”.

Joe Jackson….. a real dark fucker.


It’s always if you think about it…. simple math.

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