June 28, 2009

Family Values

The Gov of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, in what I’m guessin, a happier time.
Sanford was caught lying to everyone, and bookin to ARGENTINA, yes, to see his exotic mama mistress.

When I hear stuff like this, it always seems to kind of amaze me.

There is a real sorta unbelievable dilusion. I mean, HOW IN THE FUCK does the Governor of a U.S. state think he’s gonna skip off to a foreign COUNTRY without anyone findin out??!!

I’d like to not get involved in the morality of this. He has a wife and four kids, and from this dudes “OPIE” look, it seems as though he found himself a latin mama that obviously screwed his cap back in a way that he was willing to basically abandon his South Carolina post and fly 15k miles for some ass.

To top of this ridiculousness, the state paid for it!

Sanford’s star was rising in the Republican party. His “platform” was bein a fiscal conservative, unless of course Conchita needs a visit, and he was one of the HARDEST opinions on Bill Clinton during his tryst with Lewinsky.

Anyone lookin for kindling for a bonfire, can just throw this dude into the flames.

Up in smoke.

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