June 27, 2009


As her new movie My Sister’s Keeper opens tonight, which seems JAGULAR by the way,Is it me or does this mama seem like an ULTIMATE type girlfriend?

She’s somewhere in her 30’s, is 9 feet tall and has the rig of a 19 yr old to start.

And from what I can gather I at least THINK this is how a normal day goes….

Wake up to her bounding in the room with coffee and the paper, a kiss on the forehead, a “you are rad”, then off she goes into the shower.

You sit there shaking your head, watchin MSNBC, she rolls out in the perfect jean and t-shirt combo, gives you the “can’t wait for lunch” line and off she goes to run errands and be Jagular.

It’s pages throughout the day basically tellin you how much she digs you, in the most low-maintenance way possible, as she’s excited to get home, make some din, and watch the game you wanna watch.

She seemingly knows as MUCH as you do about sports, but not in an annoying way, and as she is finishing up the intinerary for your weekend of camping and white water rafting, she’s slinks into this crazy dress and heels and leaves you be and heads to some “work” dinner that she’s cool with you not attending.

On the way home she knocks out a papparazzi, grabs some ice cream, and spoonfeeds you the melting stuff naked as she prepares to own you sexually.

I’m IN.


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