June 26, 2009

The continuing collapse…..

Like everything steeped in just pure negativity, voracious ambition, and immense psychological pain, Scarez has continued his downward tumble, because honestly, it’s inevitable.
He posted this earlier today on his website, stating falsely that someone was FAKING their own serious illness because of fear of an upcoming concert.
This in itself, is NOT the problem for me.

What is the very ROOT of the problem, is that he took it down and didn’t wanna stand by it. He shoulda quickly apologized to whoever needed to be apologized to.

He then went on a tirade about his “worry for Michael’s kids” when in fact he has spent the better part of five years calling children fugly, or making fun of “awkward phases” of kids development.

Again, his OPINION isn’t the issue for me. It’s his authenticity.

He has no moral compass whatsoever.

If you are a famous adult, then you have decided for YOURSELF to be put into a situation where you may be talked about.

But CHILDREN have only had the bummer of bein born to famous people and they didn’t DECIDE anything. And when this awful mean little girl goes on the warpath and makes fun of kids in order to get a laugh in the worst of all of us, it’s grounds to have him, well, get the fucking SHIT kicked out of him.

If I went to school, and some parent had made fun of the way my kid looked, I’d quite simply end that human being.

Good people have had to sit by for YEARS now, while this animal hides behind the veiled inconsistency of shitty law.

I have MY VERY OWN issues with Michael Jackson that I will address tommorra, because my friend has put the muzzle on me until then. And honestly, probably rightfully so.

It’s emotional and somewhat shitty of me to have a strong opinion of someone I’ve never met, on the day, actually just a few minutes after the guy died.

I was wrong to start, and I’m glad I have friends to chill me out.

But I do have an opinion, and I will share it, when it’s respectful.

Maybe this is the very difference between Scarez and I.

Either way, I’m happy to be wrong and learn and be fine with gettin to a different place.

You sir Scarez, are headed into the abyss. And I’m leading the charge from my small pocket of the universe.


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