June 26, 2009


The Mathew Shepard Foundation politely, and with the utmost authenticity and class, turned down Scarez and his tranparent SELF-SERVING donation today, respectfully citing that they would rather not take money from someone who chooses to use hateful and seperatist gay slurs.

This is truly a gorgeous step and example.

Scarez was typically tryin to connect himself to Shepard in a fruitless attempt to get some heat off himself for using the slur to try and GOAD Will.I.Am last weekend.

In Perez’s own words he came up with “the most HATEFUL thing he could think of”.

Mathew Shepard’s foundation is evidently knee deep in the morals and love business.

To find out how to contribute go HERE now.

Much love. And thank you for setting an example for me.

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