June 26, 2009

Attn: Mikey

I call you this because this inevitably is what you were. A kid.
This tale is really and for good reason as strange as it is supposed to be for maybe one of the five most famous people in the history of my life.
It’s at it’s very heart a cautionary tale, where a superbly talented human being was DADMAGED from jump, and then as a result of his IMMENSE ability to connect to almost ANYONE alive through his talents, failed to learn even the smallest of lessons because there was an ARMY of HUNDREDS telling him whatever he wanted to hear and saying YES to anything he wanted.
I have to put aside his stunning, and once-in-a-lifetime talent because during the emotionality of yesterday and listening to all the memories he has provided me, I found myself drifting away from the stark and awful reality of Mikey’s scenario.

I have watched my own kid as a child whine and cry and stomp his foot to get his way, and if you don’t learn discipline and hear the word NO, you become this creature here.

None of Mikey’s warped perception and complete “SELF OBSESSION” would bother me too much. I obviously like strange fuckin people. I like the individuality of individuals. I try to be authentic to bein all over the place at times, because it allows me the freedom to not be perfect.

And here is where people should start loading their shotguns and lookin for my address.

I truly believe that Mikey was inapropriate sexually with children, and for that I truly hope he sits down with Satan, and the devil himself lines up a good and hearty train of axe murderers to assault his ass daily for eternity.

I’m down for the spirit of forgiveness, as long as people are willing to accept consequences for their behavior. Mikey was not.

Mikey forked over TWENTY THREE MILLION FUCKIN DOLLARS in order to silence an equally sick parent and I can only hope and pray the child he more than likely abused is findin his way.

The child exactly describing his genitals, the “jesus juice”, that was a drugged juice can, the “alarm” he had set up to go off before people entered his private lair so he could have time to be NOT doing something, and his overall obsession with kids is just too much to look past.

He was brought up on charges AGAIN, with a different child a decade later, and “King of Popped” his way to an innocent verdict.

The writing is all over this sick wall. A completely maladjusted sick little man with the resources to literally “play God” and I firmly believe that after a lifetime of getting away with anything he wanted, he believed he was above any law.

The freakish nature of Jacko was indeed freakish, and I was always interested in that portion of him. Not even turned off, just like “wow, this dude shaved his face off” or whatever I was thinkin. None of this a reason for me to be upset.

But the hurting of kids…… DEATH penalty.

Mikey, if you did indeed hurt kids, AND maliciously tried to avert consequences, I hope the molten uber heat of Hell is felt on your crotch for all infinity.

If I’m wrong, may I take your place.


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