June 25, 2009

Attn: Stephanie Pratt

I was all set to flame this mama. Stephanie Pratt. Sibling spawn of Satan Pratt.

But as I goofed her up on the net, and started to read a bit, my soft spot grew.
The headline in this US Weakly set me off, and I rushed home this morning to slay her.

“The Hills MADE me bulimic”.

Having my own issues with addiction, this type of victimization and not taking responsibilty for my own behavior, has been at times, CATASTROPHIC to my growth and getting well.

It was only when I accepted that I was a very ugly human at times, and took responsibility for these actions and tried to amend that behavior through opposite action oriented behavior, did I start to succeed.

Mama Pratt is quite young, and I hope that she gets to a place where she understands that she will not be getting better until she quits blaming other things for her issues.

It’s such a nightmare when I place my happiness in the hands of how others behave. There is always a “my part” in anything that I can change, so that I CAN BE responsible for my own happiness.

Peace, micromama.

Please take control of your own life and quit chasing all these false versions of validation strictly by being on a scripted reality show. There is a wide range of older folks making tons of money off your desire to chase your own self-hatred into a morass of emptiness.

Have the strength to walk away, and learn something new.

As I write this, I realize how deaf the ears are. But whatever.

Thank someone close to you for me not terrorizing you.

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