June 24, 2009

Where's Mr. Hilton been?

Watching and bein highly amused by Scarez fallin apart this past week, I did wonder this morning where her stout and firm husband Lady Gaga has been?
Could it be that Lady Gaga may now try and distance herself from the Scarez “thing” now that it may not be in the best interest for her to be seen by a guy who’s homophobic toward gays?
Man. What kinda wacky twisted shit do you gotta be goin thru to be hating who you are?

Anyway back to Mr. Hilton and his fuckin power thighs and stocky build.

Lets review my favorite comment from anyone’s mouth ever….

“If I lost fame I wouldn’t be a person”.

It’s still shocking.

The divorce of these two is occuring in 3….2…..1….

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