June 24, 2009

Attn: Ri-Ri

Now that this trial is over, and you did nothin more than stay outta the way, and stay silent, so this whole thing could just “blow over”, you have officially made it clear that no man has to treat you with any type of respect.
I used to ride you about you bein an example and such. This was obviously way outta your league in terms of understanding that.

Your actions have implied to me that you are an object purely. This is how you see your self obviously.

NO self-respecting woman on the planet would allow a man to beat them like this, and then almost try to be HELPFUL in making it go away.

So goin forward, I will call you the Ri-Ri doll.

The Ri-Ri doll likes make-up, red carpets, fans, men who beat her, and famous cock.

And when she looks in the mirror, it’s obvious she sees herself as the ugly beat up mama. And always has.

Get some therapy. Get somethin. This will not be the last time see the Ri-Ri doll makin horrible choices based on her victimized self-hatred.

Time to take out the garbage,


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