June 24, 2009

Attn: Michael Bay

You have obviously LOST YOUR FUCKIN MIND if you are asking me to give up two and a half hours of my life to your robot shindig.
I haven’t seen the first, nor will I see this one, simply because I don’t give a fuck, and can just google megan fox for bikini shots.

This Shia kid seems dope, and watchin him do the standard action movie jumping outt the way, and forcing the commercialized woodchip dialogue will bum me further.

I hear you are a complete fuckin nightmare to work with, usually not bein able to get out of the way of yourself.

Most of your movies kinda speak to that exact rumor.

You kinda really fuckin suck at makin movies.

Awesome commercials sure, but man, Mike, TWO AND A HALF HOURS??!

How about no…

Unless your handin out OPTIMUS blowjobs…

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