June 22, 2009

Minor Miracle

The U.S. soccer team advanced in the Confederations Cup yesterday, partly because hell froze over.

The U.S. needed to beat Egypt by 3 goals, and have ITALY lose by 3 goals.

The chances of this happening are similar to me gettin on a 10-speed, starin down Lance Armstrong, and beating him in a race.

We beat Egypt 3-“nill” (soccer term) and Italy tanked 3-0.

Scoring a 3-0 win in soccer is much like the USC football program beating Idaho State 63-0.

This almost can’t happen. And it did.

No need to get fired up however. This still doesn’t diminish the fact that we really fuckin suck.

We get Spain, the worlds best team on wednesday. It won’t be pretty.

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