June 22, 2009

It really is…..

all a blur.
Boston it’s dad. Time for more dad dorkdem. Plz skip this post and head to safe sex foot jerking measure below.

That bein said, it was fathers day yesterday, and as I finish up my 17 th year of Daddom, I’m acutely aware of how I’m repeatedely humbled by the very nature the enormous responsibility.

I have been very un-perfect. I have gotten over-emotional with you. I have not heard your voice sometimes. I have been too involved with getting my point across to you, instead of listening to your side of things as a human being. I have been selfish enough to insist on “bein right” as your father, instead of breathing, and becomin clear so I can fully apreciate how fuckin tough it is to be afflicted with teenagerism.

I want you to understand that “humaness” and imperfection isn’t soley resting on the shoulders of bein young. Mistakes by both of us are so important for us to learn. To change. To see brighter. To use those bad experiences, to end up bein helpful to someone we care about who is where we may have been.

Since you were six years old I have tried so very hard to speak to you like a person who has feelings and thoughts. Not a baby.

Your feelings regardless of age are valid always. I’ve always tried to remember what you are goin through on your life journey is just as important regardless of your age. That the first time you felt love at 13, and got you heart broken, that those feelings were JUST as VALID as mine, if I was heartbroken at 34. Relativity is so important.

I’m so convinced Mom and I have done an amazing job. Because of how awake you are to others feelings. How competitive AND compassionate you are in the same breath.

This “fathers day” holiday is fuckin stupid. We have talked about it bein a corporate created day for business to make money. And I’m so very lucky that every day is fathers day with you.

We did good. I believe in who you are.

The perfection of the human condition.

All I have ever asked for, sometimes not well, is for you to have an authentic life experience.

You have exceeded all expectations. And been human.

Till then end,


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