June 22, 2009


YouTube Preview ImageThe above is a video of Fuckwad teasing Britney a few years back and bein mean-spirited, and emotionally violent.

Well, it seems as if Fatboy had a VERY minor run-in with his own Karma last night. He claims to have been struck three times in the face by The B.E.P. manager, which I hope isn’t the case for the manager, because there isn’t a MARK on Scarez.

I implore you to go to and watch his ELEVEN minute plea. I would normally never tell you to go there but the video is just too fuckin Jagular.

He is VISIBLY emotionally shaken, and I found a swell, a WAVE of, “God I hope your pain gets worse.”

This piece of trash has evoked feelings like this in hundreds of others, CONSTANTLY for well over five years.

The SINGLE most fascinating thing about this video is not the words. It’s this feeling of helplessness he has, and how “violated” he truly does feel. And for the Fat Meanie, I would just like to implore you to understand, that this is EXACTLY how you make people feel a LOT when you take truthful, and mean spirited shots at them. He has gotten a TINY sliver of his own medicine.

He repeatedly talks about how he would NEVER make someone feel this way, which is truly unbelievable. YOU MUST WAIT FOR THE FINALE. He becomes UNRAVELED and starts to yell and scream and tears come floating down his face in a hail of true glee for me.

In yet ANOTHER perfect contradiction of himself, he says when he was havin an altercation with Will, He “loses” it and calls Will the worst thing he can think of… A FAGGOT!

Now color me stupid, but isn’t a man who has been hell bent on advancing the rights of gays and lesbians probably undermining his pitch when he picks the word FAGGOT to lash out and be derogatory and hurtful? I mean, I think we can all say that Scarez and his desire to advance the rights of gays and lesbaians can pretty much be categorized as a farce. Again, as he has proven before, he has simply attached himself to an “issue of the day” to glom more press for himself.

Violence by and large, is wrong. But for anyone who has had to sit and be mercilessly attacked emotionally, it sucks. There have been times when I was verbally abused with the truth in a hurtful way, which is MOSTLY what Scarez does, that I woulda rather gotten a beating physically, ANY day of the week.

These are the proverbial chickens comin home to roost. And I’m all fuckin for it. I want more of this now. To watch this wart be shaken and end up bawling was simply the best 11 minutes of internet viewing I’ve had all year.

I applaude whoever struck this dude, and for the record, “I didn’t see anything officer”.

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